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Sun Jan 4 13:32:27 EST 2009

On Mon 5th Jan, 2009 at 03:13, Jean-Christophe Helary seems to have written:

> On lundi 05 janv. 09, at 02:41, cfrees at wrote:
>>> But maybe I did miss a major document, so I'd appreciate if you could give 
>>> me pointers to either documents available in the MacTex distribution or 
>>> publicaly available on the web (along with the way to actually _find_ the 
>>> thing from Google for ex).
>> There are quite a few:
>> (Not that I'm biased.)
>> Linked from the Getting Started page on the TeX on Mac OS X wiki.
> You expect me reading the Getting Started page to guess that the "Clea F. 
> Rees's personal page." link goes to a page that gives information I am 
> looking for ?
> You must be kidding.

I don't _expect_ you to do anything. And there is no particular reason
to use mine. The information on my page is not in any way unique or
original. I only used that as an example because I happen to know it
gives the in ormation and is current. I don't claim it is the best
introduction - indeed, it is obviously not.

I do think that reading the Getting Started page and choosing a couple
of the links to introductions to see if one suits you would be a fairly
reasonable strategy. That is what they are there for.

The Getting Started page is relatively new and clearly still a work in
progress. But it is Mac specific and it offers links to a selection of
introductory documents which offer information on getting started. Some
of these are very general. Others are aimed at more specific audiences.

I am not kidding but realise I am wasting my metaphorical breath. I
certainly won't make that mistake next time you ask a question to which
I think I can offer a potentially useful answer.

- cfr

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