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Sun Jan 4 14:50:55 EST 2009

On Sun 4th Jan, 2009 at 14:38, Alain Schremmer seems to have written:

> On Jan 4, 2009, at 1:28 PM, Martin Costabel wrote:
>> But you know how to call TeXShop's preferences pane? On its first window, 
>> it has a menu called "Encoding".
> You walk in a room in which you know there is potentially lethal equipment. 
> Of course, you hit the first switch you find? I stay away from any 
> button/switch about something I don't understand. When I first downloaded 
> gwTeX, the i-installer asked me only one question: Letterhead or A7. Since A7 
> was after my time, I hesitated a bit but since I definitely knew what 
> letterhead was and since I HAD to respond, I went with letterhead, if with 
> some trepidation.

Maybe it asked you to choose letterpaper or A4? That would seem more
likely. A7 would be _tiny_ - half of half of half of A4! And letterhead
sounds very specific for general use. :)

>> Every text editor has such a menu somewhere. This is just life. I find this 
>> whole encoding and fonts business repulsive, too, just like the different 
>> keyboard layouts that one has to deal with.
> Fortunately, 99% of what I write nowadays is in English but the remaining 1% 
> French is indeed a pain.

What's also a pain is the apparent inability of the OS to tie a
keyboard layout/input thing to an application. I can't seem to teach it
that I *always* want a US layout when I'm in Terminal (so that I can
type hash symbols) even if I'm typing my Welsh homework in TeXShop!

- cfr

> Regards
> --schremmer

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