[OS X TeX] PlainTeX Macro to Define Macros in Uppercase

Brad & Angie dallas at e49n.us
Mon Jan 5 00:10:34 EST 2009

Thanks a bunch!  It works!  Even more amazing is that the mailing list  
was kind enough to provide a solution in just a couple of hours from  
halfway around the world.  I love 2009.  So now I'm wondering how you  
knew the answer?  I try to use The TeXbook (Knuth), The Advanced  
TeXbook (Salomon), TeX for the Impatient (Abrahams), and the archive  
before resorting to the mailing list.  Are there some additional  
sources that I should add to my library on PlainTeX? (Or do I just  
need more practice?)  Thanks.  Brad.

On Jan 4, 2009, at 8:33 PM, Ross Moore wrote:

>> Hope this helps

Yes it does.  Thanks!

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