[OS X TeX] Lab Manual

david craig dac at panix.com
Mon Jan 12 18:15:24 EST 2009

I have a long laboratory manual currently set in memoir.   The plethora 
of memoir's options befuddle me, I admit.

I have two problems/questions:

# 1:
The manual's labs are the chapters.   I have tried various 
easily-breakable kludges to make sure that the chapters always begin on 
the right-hand side of the "book" so that labs may be removed from the 
manual as individual units.   My kludges reliably fail me.

What is the PROPER way to make sure that chapters always begin on the 
right side of the page layout?

I would like to add a cover to the manual.   I have an image I would 
like to fill the page, and want to set some cover text over it.   (If I 
must, I suppose I could add the text in an image editor.)

How do I include the cover as part of the book/manual -- followed by a 
blank page (inside the cover, that is -- or not blank, as the case may 
be), then the title page, then a blank page (back of title page), the 
toc (on the right side), and then the rest of the book.

A back cover would be gravy.

David Craig


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