[OS X TeX] Modifying a thesis cls file

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Wed Jan 14 20:55:20 EST 2009

At 12:14 AM +0000 1/15/09, Phil Trinh wrote:
>My department offers a standard cls file for writeups, but
>unfortunately the current format is rather difficult to read. It uses
>the standard report class as a basis, with only small modifications.
>However, I find it much easier to read paragraphs that are doubled
>spaced, and not indented (like the dutch artikel3 style). I have tried
>something like,
>But this messes up some of the document formatting like for the table
>of contents. Is there an easy way for me to obtain this change in
>paragraphing and indenting? I do want a rather easy fix and don't want
>to spend a long time messing with the nitty-gritty formatting.
>Thank you,
>- p

This is discussed in the very helpful UK FAQ  (link to be found at 
the bottom of this message.)

Use the setspace package, which does what you want.


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