[OS X TeX] What Is New in LATEX?

Josep Maria Font jmfont at ub.edu
Sun Jan 18 17:52:38 EST 2009

El 18/01/2009, a las 21:57, Jan Anderssen escribió:

>> (3) So either I am wrong in seeing TWO paragraphs in Grätzer's  
>> article, or Schulz and yourself, in seing ONE paragraph with an  
>> "interitem", validate my point that this is something that LaTeX is  
>> not handling in a satisfactory way.
> Got it -- I misread your initial email as just asking for ideas to  
> get around the indentation. Should have know better :)
> I sometimes end up doing what you suggest in your first email as  
> well, editing the text a bit to avoid problems like this one.

Me too. BTW, I don't think this is a LaTeX problem. It seems to me  
that this problem is unavoidable if one wants to indent both  
paragraphs and lists.


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