[OS X TeX] Package incompatability?

Jim Reeds reeds at idaccr.org
Tue Jan 20 08:46:47 EST 2009

I complained about mparhack, crop, and makeidx not
being compatible with each other.

On Monday 19 January 2009 22:10, Ross Moore wrote,
diagnosing and fixing the problem:

> Here is the cause of the difficulty:
>    mparhack  redefines the LaTeX internal  \hb at xt@
> when doing double-column output, as in the Index.
> Unfortunately, crop.sty (and perhaps some other packages)
> need to use the unmodified version when doing the final
> page-building.
> The fix:
> Modify the coding around line 364 of crop.sty  to look
> as below, by adding the line with the '% RRM:'
> \newcommand*\CROP at kernel{%
>      \vbox to\z@{%
>          \def\hb at xt@{\hbox to}% RRM: for compatibility with  mparhack
>          \vskip\CROP at vorigin
>          \hb at xt@\z@{%
> Hope this helps,

It does, and THANK YOU!!

Peter Dyballa suggested

> If there's no alternative to mparhack, then you might need to switch  
> to memoir or another class, or use ConTeXt?

which is reasonable enough.  I had tried to use the memoir package on
my book, but it seems not to support usages like  

   \section*{\marginpar{Note}Section Name}

which I use a lot.  (Please, stop the laughter: I have what I think are valid 
reasons for this.)

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