[OS X TeX] Macintouch report on TeX versus Word

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Wed Jan 21 06:02:59 EST 2009

Jean-Christophe Helary schrieb:

> Don't forget about initiatives like LyX and also about the fact that
> there are people who work on ODF <-> LaTeX bridges.

These already exist. You can export ODF from within OpenOffice.org
Writer or with Writer2LaTeX on the commandline, and you can convert
LaTeX to ODF using TeX4ht. There is SimpleTeX4ht for those who prefer to
use a graphic interface.

As for the Macintosh: 10% seems to be the current state of affairs. MS
Office's marketshare is shrinking, with OpenOffice.org and iWork
catching up. And, what's more, the MS Internet Explorer's marketshare is
shrinking considerably. Firefox and Safari are gaining ground. MS's
browser is slowly disappearing from the web, albeit quite slowly.


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