[OS X TeX] Macintouch report on TeX versus Word

Jason Davies ophiochos at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 10:01:30 EST 2009

Peter Dyballa wrote on 25/1/09 at 00:14

>Here is the template of a preamble that works both for LaTeX (producing
>PDF or DVI, maybe the latter needs a bit more regard, but I gave it up
>so long ago…) and for XeLaTeX (correct my font choices, the usual
>suspects Times, Helvetica, & Courier can be OK):

thanks for all this. I will put this somewhere for now and work 
through it. I assume that once i'm in XeLaTeX I can 'simply' 
type accents with option keys (etc) and it will read them fine? 
I'm no fluent LaTeXer, i have to talk myself through most of the 
steps each time I mess with something so can't tell at a glance 
whther I've understood this or not!

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