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Joseph C. Slater PE, PhD joseph.slater at wright.edu
Sun Jan 25 15:06:51 EST 2009

On Jan 25, 2009, at 1:24 PM, Adam M. Goldstein wrote:

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> I suppose my suggestion was indeed to use TeXShop as the external  
> viewer. Then you compile by pressing "Typeset" on the preview  
> window. That seems to me easier than starting with emacs. I am  
> pretty sure it's just a matter of setting the preferences to do so,  
> and opening the ".tex" file rather than the ".pdf" TS will open the  
> pdf and reload it when it changes.
> Smultron splits within the source. I think that's what the initial  
> thread was about. Although now that you mention it, I don't know if  
> TS splits the preview output.

No. It was splitting in the PDF view. Most of the editors split within  
the source, incl. TeXShop.

> A matter of taste about the highlighting---Smultron definitely takes  
> a more aggressive approach---highlighting more. There were many  
> syntax mistakes I caught that way, where TS would not have done the  
> higlighting.

Interesting, but like you, I'm mostly Emacs these days.

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