[OS X TeX] Split PDF view

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Jan 25 19:00:29 EST 2009

Am 25.01.2009 um 19:04 schrieb Joseph C. Slater PE, PhD:

> How do you use doc-view? M-x doc-view doesn't do it (on Aquamacs)

You can either load or visit such a file and type C-c C-c to toggle  
the file's presentation. Or use dired ...

> Hmm, well I don't know what that mode is, and M-x dired-(mode not  
> available).

... a very basic mode that "just" shows you the contents of a  
directory. You start it with C-x d <some path to a directory> RET.  
Often the mini-buffer will offer you a default, which is $HOME, the  
present working directory in *shell*, *term*, or such, or the  
directory of the file you're just viewing or editing.

It's worth of reading dired and its extension dired-x. It's also of  
advantage having customised  '(dired-dwim-target t) – dwim means: Do  
What I Mean – then dired acts like Norton Commander. Once you know  
dired you'll forget Finder!



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