[OS X TeX] Backslash Key

Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Mon Jan 26 21:42:29 EST 2009

  Hello from sunny Japan.  I have been a long time TeXShop user and  
ran into a problem with version 2.20 that I hope there is a trivial  
answer to.  I have a Japanese (JIS) keyboard on my mac.  In previous  
versions of TeXShop, I was able to type a option-¥ (option - yen  
character) to get a good old backslash.  In the new version nothing  
happens with this key combination.  There is no backslash on the JIS  
keyboard.  The background is that the ascii backslash character was  
historically displayed as a yen (currency) symbol on Japanese  
computers.  With ASCII, there was no real problem ( I typed the yen  
character instead of a backslash and everything worked).  With the  
advent of UTF, the yen and backslash characters are different  
animals.  My question is -- how can I get a backslash with a JIS  
keyboard (OS X 10.5.6, Mac Pro with JIS keyboard)?

Paul Fons

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