[OS X TeX] asymptote

Sylvain CHAMBON chambon.sylvain at me.com
Thu Jan 29 03:20:05 EST 2009

hello !

i know it's possible to produce a pdf file from a tex file with asy  
code in it but
is it possible to produce a pdf file directly from an asy file in  
texshop ?

  i tried to use this engine :

location=$(dirname "$1")
basefname="${location}/`basename "$1" .asy`"
# process
cd $location
asy -f pdf -noprc -render=0 "${basefname}.asy"

but, even it's in the list of engines, the 'typeset' button is not  
available. it's like texshop does not recognize/manage asy files...

thank you for your answers...


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