[OS X TeX] tex4ht and biblatex

Matthias Damm mad at nefkom.net
Thu Jan 29 17:33:28 EST 2009

Am 29.01.2009 um 20:38 schrieb Peter Dyballa:

> And for the future you will be bound to this version! Your local  
> files take precedence over those of the system. When you'll update  
> with TLU or tlmgr you won't be able to use these updates until you  
> remove your local copies ...

Thanks for this remark.
I actually got an update via TLU after I removed my alterations from  
the local tree (which had not been available via TLU when I installed  
the update), but after that the problems with biblatex are still there.
Simple reason: The version installed by TLU is from January 20th, but  
there has been another update already which fixes the problems.

So, I installed manually again and will try TLU in a couple of days ...

Funny thing that the fix for my problem obviously appeared right in  
the moment when I needed it ;-)

Thanks to everybody,
best regards


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