[OS X TeX] TeXShop 2.20

Peter Pagin peter.pagin at philosophy.su.se
Fri Jan 30 10:28:49 EST 2009

I'd like to join in with the expression of appreciation of the new  
feature of line numbers in TexShop, and of the application itself,  
which I have used with great pleasure for more than four years.

Let me add two things. The first is a report of a possible bug. When  
turning on 'Show Ruler' to change the line spacing in the source  
window, one effect was that line numbers and ruler could not be turned  
on or off independently for that window. The coupling of the two  
features disappeared after restarting TexShop.

The second is a feature request. It would sometimes be good to be able  
to display invisible characters, e.g. when a control character has  
sneaked in because of pasting from another application and causes an  
encoding error.

Anyway, thanks again for a great application.


Peter Pagin
Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
tel: +46-8-162813, fax: +46-8-152226
email: peter.pagin at philosophy.su.se

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