[OS X TeX] backing up /usr (and MacTeX)

Alex Hamann mailinglist at alex-hamann.de
Fri Jan 30 11:37:07 EST 2009

On 30.01.2009, at 13:35, Rolf Schmolling wrote:

> Hi,
> what about cloning it to an external Disk. I'd recommend SuperDuper  
> or CarbonCopyCloner.
> You might then selectively copy the /usr-directory back.
> Rolf
> Am 30.01.2009 um 14:18 schrieb Alex Hamann:
>> Hi and sorry for the slightly OT question:
>> can anybody tell me how the /usr directory and its subdirectories  
>> are integrated into the overall system structure? Let me  
>> illustrate to make myself clear: I a probably running into  
>> complete re-installation because of disk problems and was  
>> wondering how to backup my customized and updated Basic MacTeX  
>> installation. Would it be sufficient to just copy the whole /usr  
>> directory to a backup drive?
>> TIA
>> Alex

Yeah, I would definitely clone. I lack storage space though, so I'll  
just clone /usr over... unless that directory is not independent of  
the rest of the system, of course.


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