[OS X TeX] backing up /usr (and MacTeX)

Alex Hamann mailinglist at alex-hamann.de
Fri Jan 30 12:10:38 EST 2009

On 30.01.2009, at 16:41, Gary L. Gray wrote:

> On Jan 30, 2009, at 11:33 AM, Alain Schremmer wrote:
>> On Jan 30, 2009, at 8:35 AM, Rolf Schmolling wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> what about cloning it to an external Disk. I'd recommend SuperDuper
>> doesn't work with large files over ethernet. I had to give it up  
>> after "they" couldn't help.
> Every night at home, I use SuperDuper! to clone to network drive  
> (also in my home) via a wireless connection. It usually takes about  
> an hour or so, but it sure is painless. The key is to clone to a  
> sparse disk image. For the first clone, you can have the drive  
> hooked up to your machine so it is fast, and then just do smart  
> updates after that. Cloning over a network is nicely described in  
> the SD! documentation.
> -- Gary

Thanks  to Rolf and David who made suggestions regarding backup  
strategies both on- and off-list.
In fact I use Intego Backup (the X4 version - don't get me  
started...) for backups but my firewire HD is deep in Germany while I  
am sitting here in London. So I can not make a clone capable of  
booting. Moreover, now that Apple is moving away from firewire (WHY  
did they do that to me?!) that might not be the best storage option  
Anyway, not a big deal... this iBook will eventually (or rather in  
the near future) break down completely so I am careful not to keep  
important data on my HD and keep small selected backups on a USB  
storage device. Unfortunately, last time I reinstalled from scratch  
and tried to save a clone on that USB-HD I ran into major problems  
and had to reinstall 5 times.
Long story, short conclusion: my current approach is to maintain  
backups of the really important stuff on my HD (my customized MacTeX  
distro being part of that). Therefore it would be nice to know if I  
can just create an archive of /usr and move that to the USB storage  
device or if this would lead to problems when trying to revert to  
that backup.



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