[OS X TeX] tex4ht and biblatex

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Fri Jan 30 19:47:59 EST 2009

On Fri 30th Jan, 2009 at 22:29, Matthias Damm seems to have written:

> Am 30.01.2009 um 03:40 schrieb <cfrees at imapmail.org> <cfrees at imapmail.org>:
>>> Just try something like
>>> 	mk4ht oolatex <yourtexfile>
>> While we're on this subject, if anybody knows a way to completely
>> eliminate the need for Word when preparing a paper, say, for a
>> recipient who will accept no other format, I'd be very interested to
>> hear about it. It bugs me that I *still* need access to Word - even
>> with the above and OpenOffice. I suppose this will always be so,
>> though, and there's no getting around it...
> You don't really need word if you use this solution if you have OpenOffice.
> OpenOffice can save as MS Word, so if you trust that this conversion works 
> fine, you won't actually need Word.

Yes. But I don't trust it so I do need Word to do the final editing.
When I did it a few months ago, the exported Word revealed various
issues when opened in Word. I forget all of them but I had some symbols
appear as boxes, complications involving the use of both endnotes and a
reference list (former appeared within the latter, I think), loss of
headers and footers, etc.

> In comparison to the conversion via HTML, the OpenOffice documents need 
> almost no finetuning. (In my case, I just had to remove some extra line 
> breaks between bibliography items.)

My experience wasn't quite this good but I've forgotten the details.
Certainly line-spacing got messed up along with some other things. But
it didn't take that long. This part's fine. It is the export from OO
which necessitates the use of Word.

- cfr

> Best regards,
> Matthias

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