[OS X TeX] "Non-PDF special ignored"

ewan.Delanoy at math.unicaen.fr ewan.Delanoy at math.unicaen.fr
Sat Jan 31 11:42:39 EST 2009

                                          Hello all,

  this is about a very common problem : I'm trying to use
eepics for graphics in my .tex file, the console
displays a "Non-PDF special ignored" message, and axes are drawn but
circles are not
(the code is below).

  Before posting this question to the texonmacosx list I googled
"eepic Non-PDF special ignored" (with some 1000 results),
but I could not find how to fix my problem. I did not find
the TeX FAQ item
at http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=nonpdfsp
very helpful either (if I understood it correctly, I should
replace \usepackage[dvips]{graphicx} with \usepackage{graphicx}. This
changed nothing).

        Hopefully someone on this list will kindly answer my stupid
question ...









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