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	More technically, the two distinct styles are for "in-text citations  
with a reference list" (often used in the natural and social sciences)  
and one for "footnotes and bibliography" (more generally used in the  
humanities and occasionally in the social sciences). Chicago makes a  
distinction between the style of documentation rather than one based  
on subject material.

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On 3 Jul 2009, at 11:37 PM, Lantz Susan wrote:

> << However, I do not think that the bibliography in the PDF follows  
> the
> Chicago Manual of Style format.   I attached the pdf. >>
> Enrico,
> There are two distinct formats within Chicago style: one used in the  
> physical and natural sciences and engineering, the other used in the  
> humanities. I know the science and engineering format, but not the  
> humanities one. I would think mathematics woul
> In the science and engineering format, the citation format in the  
> bibliography should be as follows for a book with one author:
> Author_last_name, author_first_name. Publication_date.  
> Title_in_italics. City_of_publication: Publisher, page_numbers (if  
> applicable).
> For books (or articles) with multiple authors, the authors' name  
> format is:
> First_author_last_name, first_name middle_initial and  
> second_author_first_name middle_initial last_name.
> I have attached a sheet I give my senior design students every fall,  
> so they know the correct formats (in Chicago style) for their final  
> papers.
> << I also have nasty things happening such as figures in the  
> bibliography section. >>
> Use
> \clearpage
> \newpage
> before the start of the bibliography to print any remaining figures.
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> <MAE4053-ref_citations.pdf><ATT00001.txt>

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