[OS X TeX] Invoking latex with tex + ghostscript option?

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Wed Jul 8 10:20:23 EDT 2009

At 12:11 AM -0600 7/8/09, Robert Morelli wrote:
>I'm trying to compile LaTeX files using pstricks.
>As I know, pstricks is not compatible with pdflatex.
>I use MacTeX-2008, which defaults to pdflatex, so I'm encasing all the
>pstricks code in pdftricks, which is supposed to restore compatibility.

This is only necessary if you use other packages that *require* 
pdflatex.  Otherwise, you can just use your pstricks code as is.  I 
use pstricks a lot and never use pdftricks (and in fact, I can't use 
it for my particular application of pstricks.)  But I don't use any 
pdflatex-specific packages (e.g. microtype).

If you also don't use such pdf dependent packages (and most aren't) 
then you might find it a lot easier not to use pdftricks.

>I need to invoke the "ordinary" latex on the generated files, not
>I was told that I need to invoke latex with the "tex + ghostscript"
>option. How do I do that?

As Herb said, this is easiest using the comment line at the top of the file.


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