[OS X TeX] Invoking latex with tex + ghostscript option?

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Jul 8 11:16:24 EDT 2009

Am 08.07.2009 um 16:09 schrieb Robert Morelli:

>> Using the five letter word (or command) "latex" you'll get DVI. By  
>> adding '-output-format=dvi' you can force latex and pdflatex etc.  
>> to produce DVI.
> Using "latex" or "latex -output-format=dvi" both invoke pdflatex,  
> just as if I'd written "pdflatex."

Then you need to go back ten years or dump your own latex.fmt with  
the aid of tex. The utilities fmtutil or fmtutil-sys are the  
interface to this. It seems possible to simply change the line

	latex pdftex language.dat -translate-file=cp227.tcx *latex.ini


	latex    tex language.dat -translate-file=cp227.tcx *latex.ini

>>> I was told that I need to invoke latex with the "tex + ghostscript"
>>> option. How do I do that?
>> Preferences -> Typesetting tab -> Default Script
> There are no preferences or tabs. I'm using the command line (or  
> AucTeX from Aquamacs).

Then customise AUCTeX! It's documented. And from experience I know  
that it works with shell scripts. Even with TeXShop ENGINE files.

>>> Also, is there a way to arrange it so the latex command used on
>>> the files pdftricks generates has that option?
>> You can create your own ENGINE file and put it into ~/Library/ 
>> TeXShop/Engines. Herb once proposed a ps4pdf.engine file:
> I don't use TeXShop. TeXShop has its own text editor but I  
> generally use Emacs (or Aquamacs).
> I tried TeXShop once and it didn't read my $TEXMF* variables so  
> didn't find my custom texinputs.
> It didn't seem worth fooling with.

You could rearrange your TEXINPUTS or create sym-links or create and  


TEXMFHOME seems a useful candidate for your purpose. Then TeXShop  
does not need to know these details.



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