[OS X TeX] Illustrator update?

Greg St. George gstgeorge at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 21:42:04 EDT 2009


One must confess one's sins.  Actually, epstopdf does work ... when it
is actually invoked.  My first attempt had been to try to use
Illustrator to convert  file.eps to file.pdf, which it does, but sizes
it inappropriately so it doesn't \includegraphics correctly.   If one
then cleverly forgets that file.pdf is still there among the hundreds
of graphic files, and puts \usepackage{epstopdf} into TexShop
expecting that it will be invoked, it never gets activated because
AI's badly made file.pdf is still present.  But at that point after
reading all the help files, searching FAQ's, etc etc one is ready to
give up on TeXshop because, you know, Oztex still works, and one
considers once again giving up using the current distribution (which
has all this newer neat stuff available which one's students use).  At
this point one considers buying the new AI, but one is unsure whether
this will work, and then this "one" remembers the kind list he used to
read and decides to risk posting.

So thanks to you all I am now using the current distribution (if
feeling kind of sheepish).  FYI dropping files on TeXshop is slightly
nicer than dropping them on Preview because it automatically saves a
copy of the .pdf in the same directory and one doesn't have to go
through Preview's "save" dialog box which may be pointing strange
places if one hasn't used it lately.  Eventually I will buy a new AI,
but since the one I have still reads my Maple .eps files, (when I can
find them) I am good for now.

the grateful, slightly redfaced, Greg
Math Sci., U. of Montana

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