[OS X TeX] font installation problem

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Jul 27 19:00:19 EDT 2009

Am 27.07.2009 um 20:33 schrieb Kyle Johnson:

> I've run sudo updmap-sys --enable Map springer.map and sudo texhash.

Did you run them in this sequence?

If yes, then you need to disable the springer MAP file fragment and  
then to re-enable it again:

	sudo updmap-sys --disable springer.map
	sudo updmap-sys --enable Map springer.map

> LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `T1/fmnj/m/n' undefined
> (Font)              using `T1/cmr/m/n' instead on input line 9.
> LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `T1/lsx/m/n' undefined
> (Font)              using `T1/cmr/m/n' instead on input line 12.

The first missing font obviously has to do with Minion, the latter  
seems to have a connection to lsyntax.sty. There must be some fonts  
related files for this latter package, one of them a MAP file  
fragment for updmap-sys to enable it. Looking on my TeX Collection  
2008 DVD I see in /Volumes/TeXCol2008/ctan/fonts/psfonts/w-a-schmidt  
the files lsx.txt and lsx.zip. The latter archive also contains  
lsx.map. It has to be enabled. (And you need to have the Linotype  
Syntax font files on your Mac and renamed accordingly!)

The fmnj case seems to be a Minion font in an "expert encoding."  
Since I installed recently the Minion Pro fonts I know that they  
don't use fmn* font names. So it has to do with Walter Schmidt and  
his font support files. The problem is that he uses the font family  
name pmn for Minion (p stands for PostScript = Adobe). The same  
directory as mentioned above has the pmn.* files and the pmn.zip  
archive provides a MAP file fragment that maps pmn* TeX font names to  
pmn*.pfb font files. And there is no pmnj entry as substitute for  
fmnj. But there is: sfonts.*, and the ZIP archive has a springer.map  
file with many fmn* TeX font names…

Is it clear to you which files you *might* need to install? Is it  
also clear to you that you need to have the probably non-free  PFB  
font files? You also need to enable the fourier fonts if not already  
done by the installation.

And after installation, best in the texmf-local tree, which allows to  
use the fonts with different TeX distributions, you first need to run  
texhash, afterwards you can enable further MAP file fragments. If you  
do it again in the wrong order, updmap-sys will record a MAP file  
fragment's name in its configuration but not include this file's  
contents because it could not be found. The error can be solved by  
disabling the MAP file fragment(s), springer and lsx, (sometimes it  
had to be twice or even three times) and the re-enabling them again.  
Now, after the texhash command had been executed, updmap-sys will  
find the files and include their contents.



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