[OS X TeX] dvipng not working inside php script

Carter Forner carterforner at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 28 09:58:17 EDT 2009


I'm having trouble getting dvipng and other related programs to run inside a php script.  I have the following specs:

Mac OS X (10.5.7)
MAMP web server running locally on the mac (Apache 2, PHP 5)
MacTex 2008

Here is a sample problem:

$command = "/usr/texbin/latex file.tex";
$command = "/usr/texbin/dvipng file.dvi";

first command executes fine, outputting a dvi file. But the second
command does not do anything. It should produce a png image. When I
issue the same commands from the shell, they run fine, and I get a png
file as the final result. dvipng is not the only program I have trouble
with...dvipdf doesn't work, nor does converting from a .ps file using
the program convert.

This procedure has worked fine on my
dedicated linux server box, so I'm wondering if there's something wrong
with my local install. But I don't know where to look.

Can someone help me?

Thank you very much.

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