[OS X TeX] BibDesk 1.3.21 is released

Adam M. Goldstein a.m.goldstein at mac.com
Thu Jun 18 21:17:59 EDT 2009

Hello all

After far too long, BibDesk 1.3.21 has been released. If you choose  
"Check for updates" from the "BibDesk" menu, you'll see release notes,  
and be guided through the update process.

Or, you can visit the BibDesk home page:


Where you'll find a link to the latest release, prominently displayed  
at the top of the page.

While you're there, take a moment to appreciate the new web site  
design as well!

The release notes for this version are as follows. The groups pane UI  
has been given a new look, in addition to many other new features and  
bug fixes.

New Features
Independence of Omni frameworks
Renewed preference interface
Use standard source list tables on Leopard
Support a color label column to allow sorting by color label
It is now possible to share using bonjour between different BibDesk  
processes on the same computer
Sharing is now accepted even when you chose not to save the password  
in your KeyChain
Add biblatex-type multiple citation style for copy and drag
BibDesk now updates using Sparkle, thanks Andy Matuschak
New group UI
Improvements to file views and quicklook previewer
Improvements to web group. Add history, URL auto-completion, proxy  
icon, show loading errors, remember size, support drag & drop
You can now hide the count bubbles for the group, this can improve  
performance if you have many smart groups
Revamp group source list into mode standard group list style, in  
particular for Leopard
New auto-generation format specifier for 'words' of a field, useful  
for first page
Allow editing files and URLs in the side pane when a single item is  
New row mode for file views
Warn when importing items with duplicate cite keys
Move changing the group field to main menu and group table contextual  
Display duplicate cite keys in red
Use Medline XML for PubMed import, which includes diacritics
Bugs Fixed
Avoid an exception when clicking in a publication detail window just  
outside the fields
Size status bars according to the HIG
Workaround in web scraper for regressions in Google Scholar
Fix back reference in regex find & replace
Fix find & replace in non-field properties
Avoid a crash when a BibDesk process used for sharing terminates
Improve efficiency for UI updating when there are many smart groups
Improve the key view loop in the main window
Show keyboard focus ring on some custom buttons
Improvements and fixes to sharing, you can now share between different  
processes on the same computer
Connecting to shared groups now succeeds also if you don't accept the  
key chain service
Fix a crasher that sometimes occurred when making modifications while  
doing a quick search
Fix shared group updating when more than one document is open
Allow using BibTeX Type in cite key and auto-file format
Fix removal of selected shared group
Avoid a crash when a shared group is removed
Preserve modified and added dates in shared items
Fix copying of groups in scripting
Simplify choosing a search group server
Avoid a crasher that may happen when closing a document directly after  
a save
Display error when the web group fails to load
Try to update linked files when a file is renamed on disk
Improve edit validations in publication editor
Rework various background queues
More reliable parsing of year field from RIS
Update duplicate cite key warning when the duplicate cite key changes
Fix text color in highlighted cells on Tiger
Default fields are not taken into account for publication equivalence  
test, so minimal bibtex will be equivalent
Fix text layout after zooming in preview
Perform full Entrez search asynchronously, so it won't block when the  
server is inaccessible
Fix status bar icon shown when an item needs to be filed
Make sure the web group tries to parse plain text as a last resort
Collapse whitespace in simple bibtex fields
Fix ACMDL web group parser
Fixes for ISI WoS search parser, use Times-Cited and fix date parsing
Ignore unknown nontex fields in RIS export to avoid exporting invalid  

Adam M. Goldstein PhD, MSLIS
agoldstein at iona.edu
a.m.goldstein at mac.com
(914) 637-2717
Dept of Philosophy
Iona College
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New Rochelle NY 10801

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