[OS X TeX] Off topic: system stablitity

David Watson dewatson at me.com
Sun Jun 21 15:05:22 EDT 2009

On Jun 21, 2009, at 10:15 AM, George Gratzer wrote:

> Even though I reinstalled the system with wipe disk, it is much more  
> unstable than ever before since the introduction of OS X. Now I work  
> with the Force Quit Application window open all the time.


If you are experiencing instabilities that you are unaccustomed to, I  
would immediately suspect a problem with your hardware.
I have never had problem with system memory, but faulty memory can  
cause the sorts of problems you are experiencing.

Much more likely, however, is the chance that the hard drive that your  
system resides on is experiencing problems.
Between the computers I use, and the systems I feel responsible for at  
work, there have been around five hard drive failures within the past  
year and a half.
This type of failure does not correlate with operating system or  

A last possibility is the dreaded "bad cap" problem is more easily  
diagnosed, as it would require that the hardware you are using is 2-5  
years old.
You would know about this problem as there would have been a warranty  
extension program from Apple for your system.

Good luck with your problem.

It would be helpful if you would let us know which operating system  
version and hardware you are using.

> Example: if I upload a file to iDisk, the Finder may become  
> unresponsive for up to a minute. The Finder turns red in the Force  
> Quit Application window. If I relaunch the Finder, I loose the  
> upload, but nothing else is effected.
> When the Finder is unresponsive, the keyboard combination invoking  
> the Force Quit Application window does not work either.
> There are other signs of sloppy work by Apple. In Safari, go to Help:
> Viewing and customizing Top Sites
> Cover Flow and Safari
> Searching history
> Browsing in tabs
> The Top Site help has just been put in. The white star (updated  
> sites) works for some sites, not for others.
> Anybody has similar experiences?
> GG
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