[OS X TeX] Mini Toc

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 03:42:55 EDT 2009

To make it easier working on the magnum opus, I have the following  
setup for, say, two chapters called ONE and TWO:

A. In the Chapter-contents Folder, I have two "contents files":
	ONE.tex which starts with the lines
		%!TEX root = ../Chapters-controls/ONE.tex
		\chapter{ONE is odd}

	TWO.tex which starts with the line
		%!TEX root = ../Chapters-controls/TWO.tex
		\chapter{TWO is even}

B. In the Chapter-control Folder, I have two "control files"
	ONE.tex with preamble etc and just

	TWO.tex with preamble etc and just

C. Ehe master file MagnumOpus.tex with preamble etc has

This works very nicely as I can typeset a chapter from the contents  
files as well as from the control files but I would now like to have  
a mini toc for each chapter. Companion 2ed gives two solutions, one  
simple, the other apparently less so.

The simple package is minitoc.
	I placed \dominitoc in MagnumOpus.tex just before \tableofcontents.  
That created the MagnumOpus.mtc files.

	Companion2ed then says just to place \minitoc just after the  
\chapter command.

When I do that in the"contents files", the minitoc do show up in the  
output of MagnumOpus.tex which will be nice for the eventual reader.

But the minitoc does not show in the output of the individual  
chapters whether I typeset from the Chapter-contents or the Chapter- 
control files which is not nice for the current writer.

The less so simple package is titletoc and is rather intimidating. Do  
I really have to plow through it? Is it likely to work here?

Hopeful regards

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