[OS X TeX] RE: New Editor.

Jonas Zimmermann listen at jonaszimmermann.de
Sun May 3 04:25:55 EDT 2009

Am 03.05.2009 um 08:59 schrieb Juergen Fenn:
>>> Well, the preferences only have a choice for UTF-8 or Latin 1.
>> For European use some more encodings could be useful ...
> You are perfectly right, of course. But, I must say, I happen to like
> this thread, critisising the first public *beta* version of a brand  
> new
> editor... running for the second day, now... as it seems, we Apple  
> users
> are a quite demanding kind of users...

Well, Jakob asked for comments and suggestions, didn't he? The market  
for TeX editors is quite crowded, with already excellent options such  
as TeXShop or TextMate around. While I have things to criticise about  
both, they set a high threshold before I consider switching. I'm sure  
Jakob knows why he wants to create a whole new application instead of  
investig time and effort to make TeXShop et al better. However, to me  
it seems a lot more needs to be done before I consider switching,  
especially should this turn out to be a commercial product. These  
comments shouldn't discourage Jakob from following his goal of  
developing a good TeX editor.
The thing I probably like the best about TexWriter is the side-by-side  
view of code and PDF. What I'm dearly missing is support for several  
engines such as XeLaTeX.
Also, here comes a bug (to be honest, I'm too lazy to create an  
account with the bug tracker, without knowing whether I'll be ever  
using this app): In the outline view, if the argument of '\section' or  
other macro contains {curly braces}, parsing is stopped at the first  
closing brace, not at the end of the argument.

> Jürgen.

me neither,

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