[OS X TeX] Uninstall BasicTex

Curiouslearn curiouslearn at gmail.com
Fri May 8 17:24:18 EDT 2009

> A few months back I installed the Context package for Mac. I wonder whether
>> that changed some of my settings.
> I have no idea about that. How did you install it?
> You won't have to do that with MacTeX since Context is part of that
> package.

Thanks for the information, Herbert. I will be downloading Mactex in a few
moments. Regarding Context, even BasicTex had it, but it was the older
version (what they call MK-II). The new MK-IV version is availble as Context
Minimals. It is a great package and I love it. But journals do not accept
Context files, and those have to be still done in Latex.

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