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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Mon May 11 18:28:01 EDT 2009

Hi all,

On 12/05/2009, at 7:57 AM, Luis Vitorio Cargnini wrote:

> the form \'{e} won't work too ?

Adam is correct, but didn't say why...

> Le 09-05-10 à 11:27, Adam R. Maxwell a écrit :
>> On May 10, 2009, at 5:53 AM, M. Tamer Özsu wrote:
>>> I have an interesting problem that I have not been able to  
>>> resolve. I have the following entry in my .bib file that gives me  
>>> an error when I run it with alpha style:
>>> @article{alg:syn:952,
>>> 	Author = {Guillaume Br\`es},
>> This is incompatible with the alpha style.  You need to use {\`e}  
>> or {\`{e}} for BibTeX to process accents correctly, according to  
>> btxdoc (texdoc bibtex in Terminal).  Incidentally, {\`e} is the  
>> form BibDesk uses, and it will convert to/from the Unicode form  
>> for you.

Using the Alpha style, BibTeX is trying to make a 3-letter tag
to be used to indicate the citation; e.g.  [Bre] .

If it extracts the first 3 tokens of the surname you'll get:  Br\`
which is going to give trouble, such as what occurs.

Thus you need   Br{\`e}  or  Br{\`{e}} .
Now the \` can be redefined internally to reduce to  Bre ,
or to  Brè  if full Latin1 (possibly) or Unicode (probably not)
support is available.

>> -- 
>> Adam

Bug in BibTeX ?  Perhaps, but easy enough to work around when
you understand why it happens.

Hope this helps,


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