[OS X TeX] ligature fi not appearing

Jason Davies ophiochos at gmail.com
Wed May 13 20:13:40 EDT 2009

David Watson wrote on 13/5/09 at 00:37

>I got similar results to yours, and then I checked whether the ligature
>was due to a problem with the source. Lo and behold, the fi in question
>is actually not the letter "f" followed by "i". You may need to specify
>an input encoding.

I started checking and realised that 'sacrifice' was turning out 
correctly. So I retyped the words and they now come out fine.

Really don't know what happened there -- perhaps it was 
Macspeech Dictate, perhaps it was the strangeness with dvorak 
that seems to be fixed with 10.5.7. Anyway, thanks for the help 
-- your comment led me to work it out (or at least fix it).

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