[OS X TeX] Multicolumn lists

John B. Thoo jthoo at yccd.edu
Tue May 19 15:56:10 EDT 2009

Hello, everyone.  I apologize that this is not strictly a Mac TeX  
question.  If this is inappropriate, please delete it; however, I  
would appreciate any help.

My question is this: How can I create a multicolumn list with the  
item numbers aligned horizontally?  This doesn't work:


\begin{enumerate} \itemsep 2ex
   \item  $x + \dfrac{1}{8} x = 12$
   \item  $x + \dfrac{1}{4} x + \dfrac{1}{6} x = 12$
   \item  $3(x - 1) - x = 7$
   \item  $4 \biggl( \dfrac{1}{2} x + 1 \biggr) - 3x = 12$



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