[OS X TeX] More font problems

Alan Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Tue Nov 3 14:06:12 EST 2009

There are quite a few resources about installing fonts in LaTeX,  
probably because of confusion people have about it. Here is a small  
selection I have Googled:
http://www.tug.org/mactex/fonts/fonttutorial-current.html (obviously  
out of date now)
www.ntg.nl/maps/29/13.pdf (might be most useful for you)

Otherwise the LaTeX Companion is a good source to use.


On 4/11/2009, at 7:43 AM, Stephen Anderson wrote:

> In trying to deal with the Snow Leopard font problem I have already  
> asked about on this list, I discovered that I had inadvertently been  
> using gwTeX even after installing TexLive 2008, because of a path  
> coded into TeXShop.  I also downloaded and installed TexLive-2009,  
> hoping that would solve my other problem (it didn't).  But now I  
> discover a new problem.
> I have some other fonts (Adobe Garamond, most notably) that aren't  
> in the TeX distribution and that I use all the time.  I installed  
> them long ago, and thus all of the relevant support files for LaTeX  
> use are on the machine.  But they are in /usr/local/gwTeX/ 
> texmf.local/fonts/, and when TeXLive200[89] got installed, a  
> directory /usr/local/texlive/texmf.local/fonts/ was created, but my  
> font files from gwTeX weren't put there and the relevant fonts  
> weren't enabled.  I have been protected from this knowledge by the  
> mistake that led me to go on using gwTeX even after I thought I had  
> switched.....
> I know this is an incredibly tedious question that has been asked  
> (and answered) many times, but could some kind soul take the time to  
> answer it again for me?  How do I go about getting the same local  
> font functionality in TeXLive that I had in gwTeX?  Since the  
> internal structure of the texmf.local/fonts directory seems to be  
> different from that in the old one, and in any case I don't remember  
> the magical incantations to make things work after this directly is  
> properly populated, I need help.

Alan Litchfield MBus (Hons), MNZCS
PO Box 1941, Auckland

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