[OS X TeX] A \url problem

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Nov 3 19:05:06 EST 2009

Am 03.11.2009 um 20:30 schrieb Vic Norton:

> In my example I've used
>    \href{url}{text}
> in two places.
> The url is where I want to go, namely
>    url = http://vic.norton.name/finance-math/notionportf/ 
> pricedistrib.csv
> The text is what I want the reader to click on. It needn't have any  
> relation to the url.
> The text in both cases is from the ttfamily.
> In the second case the text is
>    text = hello ... hello (16 times in all)
> This case works just as it should.
> In the first case the text is
>    text = http://vic.norton.name/finance-math/notionportf/ 
> \linebreak pricedistrib.csv
> The fact that that the text is broken in this case should have no  
> affect on the url part of \href{url}{text}. But it does affect the  
> url part. It corrupts it. I have no idea why.
> More importantly, I have no idea how to do what I want to do: to  
> indent a long URL and split it where I want to split it  
> (after /'s), with the each line of the result being indented by the  
> same amount, and every point of the displayed, split URL pointing  
> to the original, long URL.

I think David Watson has written a splendid explanation.

I can add this remark: if you break an URL you get another, most  
likely invalid URL, and the remainder of the previous and formerly  
working URL. Some eMail list software does this regularly.

And I can add an example which hopefully works (not tested):

% begin of a text body
\href{mailto:vic at norton.name}{Folks, if you never ever tried to  
donate something good for an at least good man, start doing so now!  
Click here around. I mean it. \textbf{\itshape Really.}} (Is it  
constantly flashing for you?) Some, actually most of you, will  
receive an instant response. You'll receive a report about an  
overfull mailbox. It will prove to you how efficient your live can  
be. And those of who are not manually handicapped and have a well- 
working mouse or trackpad can easily access our big sponsor's work of  
live from here \href{http://vic.norton.name/finance-math/notionportf/ 
% end of a possible text body with two URLs



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