[OS X TeX] Wishing YouTube Instructions ...

Iraj Kalantari I-Kalantari at wiu.edu
Wed Nov 4 14:56:32 EST 2009

To the Experts on the list:

Like many others, I wish to use TexShop and use different fonts.

As a '201-level' user of TexShop and after having learned much from  
this group, I can do many things but am not yet currently willing to  
attack installation and use of fonts because of its complexity.  Now,  
I love to read and figure things out, but for some tasks the amount  
of  risk (and work) involved does hold *me* back; recent discussion on  
the list and sharing of available helpful documents suggests I might  
not be alone.  So I imagine if there were (commercial) *video lessons*  
that showed various projects for TexShop, I, and perhaps others, would  
be simply grateful.

But since commercialization appears unlikely, here is a wish: It would  
be nice for some experts to prepare and show the rest of us how to  
handle fonts (and other things) with the help of those software that  
video-capture all action on the screen, and post that capture on  
YouTube.  (I find very useful lessons about PhotoShop on YouTube and  
wonder about the same for TexShop.)

I do know that there are two or three *introductory* YouTube lessons  
prepared by Richard Koch, but I am speaking of creation of  
*intermediate* level of instruction in the same style and how nice  
that would be.
(I do wonder if such preparation would go beyond the level of  
willingness on the part of even this generous group.)



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