[OS X TeX] How about just shortening the URL?

David Messerschmitt messer at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Nov 4 16:44:31 EST 2009

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>> Am 03.11.2009 um 23:12 schrieb David Messerschmitt:
>>> To those of you struggling with breaking of long URLs using \url
>>> {}, how about just creating a short URL using one of the free URL
>>> redirection services like:
>> Doesn't it turn the URL into something vague, indeterminate,
>> anonymous?

Yes, but there are only two reasons to put a URL inline: (a) hide it  
behind some descriptive text and (b) create a reference that can be  
located across different media, including paper. For (a) long URL  
length and formating is not an issue, and for (b) asking the reader to  
type in a long URL can be seriously annoying. The URL syntax was never  
optimized for human readability anyways, and the longer the URL the  
less readable it is. I think for purpose (b) a short URL is compelling.


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