[OS X TeX] Wishing YouTube Instructions ...

Luci Ellis luci at verbeia.com
Sun Nov 8 04:00:13 EST 2009

On 05/11/2009, at 7:26 AM, David Derbes wrote:

> There are three or four people (at least) who could do this  
> brilliantly, but whether or not they have the time I do not know. I  
> wish I were among 'em.
> Jonathan Kew, the maintainer of XeTeX; Luci Ellis at verbeia.com,  
> and I think Herb Schultz are really good at this stuff, I think.  
> With luck maybe one of them
> can steal the time from their very busy lives to do this.
> (Don't be mad at me if you are one of these three geniuses! It's not  
> my fault you are so capable! :-) And there are of course several  
> others.)
> David Derbes
> U of Chicago Laboratory Schools

Goodness me! I'm not mad at you, but a little taken aback :)

No, I'm not an expert or a genius at this stuff. I am just more than  
usually stubborn at troubleshooting, and I have lots of nice fonts  
that I wanted to use.

As for whether I have time, if you Google me you will find out my job  
title and discover that unfortunately I won't have time for such  
things for some years yet. it sounds like a cool idea. Something to  
put on verbeia.com now that I have the domain all to myself and am  
wondering what to do with it.

Best regards,

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