[OS X TeX] Re: Re: LaTeXit 2.0 unusable

epicurus at forallx.net epicurus at forallx.net
Tue Nov 10 19:53:11 EST 2009

> On Nov 9, 2009, at 3:47 PM, Erik Jensen wrote:
> > On 2009-11-09, at 1:13 PM, <epicurus at forallx.net> <epicurus at forallx.net> wrote:
> >>>> Just tried out LaTeXiT 2.0.0.  It won't typeset anything, and
> >>>> crashes shortly after a beach ball that occurs shortly after telling
> >>>> it to ``LaTeX it!''.  The Console says it's a segfault.  Anyone else
> >>>> having this problem?
> >>>> 
> >>>> 10.5.8 Intel.  Previous version of LaTeXiT worked fine.
> >>> 
> >>> It's working fine here. You might try to remove the preference files,
> >>> fr.chachatelier.pierre.LaTeXiT.plist and fr.club.ktd.LaTeXiT.plist in
> >>> ~/Library/Preferences/ (~ is your HOME folder). You'll have to set up
> >>> any customizations you had before.
> >> 
> >> Thanks, but that didn't work.  Still the beach ball, still the crash.  What's more, after the crash my font caches seem to be messed up: they show the same symptoms as came from the infamous "font cache bug".  I patched the binaries affected by the fontcache bug when the patches came out.  LaTeXiT is messing with the cache---is that even possible?
> > 
> > I found that LaTeXiT 2.0 worked fine on my office computer and MacBook (both running 10.6.1) but crashed as described on my Mac at home running 10.5.6. I rebooted my home Mac on 10.6.1 and it worked fine. I had done the Preferences file removal but that did not help things on the 10.5.6 system. i am wondering if there is an issue on pre-Snow Leopard systems. I also see some errors thrown up in the Console in 10.5.6 but had not fully investigated yet so I have not emailed Pierre about it so far.
> Just tried 2.0.0 out on my PowerBook (PPC of course) running 10.5.8 and it ran fine. Took a little while but completed.
> What TeX distribution are you using?

I am using 10.5.8, Intel.  At home I have 10.4.11 PPC, and on that box LaTeXit simply beach-balls and crashes upon launch.  At least on Leopard I can type an equation and hit cmd-T before there's a crash.  I don't recall seeing a note that 2.0.0 won't run on Tiger.

- epicurus

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