[OS X TeX] \caption with MacTeX 2009

Raphael Attie raphael.attie at mac.com
Wed Nov 11 15:09:20 EST 2009

Today i've updated to Mactex 2009 on my Leopard (not Snow). I was  
running Mactex 2007 till now.

Without changing anything to my .tex file, I have trouble with the  
\caption command following the \includegraphics command. See further  
below for the exact usage. It was working fine with Mactex 2007.

The typesetting fails and says :

<./figures/granulation.jpeg, id=1, 684.5575pt x 499.8675pt>
<use ./figures/granulation.jpeg>
! Undefined control sequence.
\captionlabelfont at default ->\cph at font

However, after hitting the return key till it displays the pdf  
preview, the figure and its caption are there, without apparent  
problem. However, any attempt to labeling for reference would fail.

Thanks for your help




\chapter{The photosphere in the SoHO-Hinode era}
\section{Tracking the photospheric flows}


\includegraphics[trim=0cm 0cm 0cm 0cm, width=1 \textwidth]{./figures/ 
\caption{Image in blue continuum of the granulation, from FG-SOT  


Raphael Attie
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