[OS X TeX] MacTeX2009: Synctex crashes TeXshop

Warren Nagourney warren at phys.washington.edu
Wed Nov 11 16:22:55 EST 2009

I just installed MacTeX2009 on my G4 Powerbook after using the 2008  
version successfully to write a 400 page book.  Unfortunately, the new  
version of TeXshop (2.28) hangs (actually crashes, invoking the  
"ReportCrash" app) when I command click in the source to sync with the  
preview. Command clicking in the preview window works fine. I re- 
typeset the document and removed the .synctex.gz file - these measures  
didn't help.

Another problem was with LaTeXiT - upon launching the new version  
(2.0.0), a short window appeared telling me that it was converting my  
(fairly large) history file. The app seemed to hang and after a few  
minutes, I killed it. Unfortunately, I lost all of my history.

Other than these two problems, MacTeX seems to work fine and many  
thanks to the authors for keeping it up to date.

Warren N

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