[OS X TeX] problem with \caption in Mactex 2009

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Nov 11 18:26:11 EST 2009

Am 11.11.2009 um 23:36 schrieb Raphael Attie:

> So, following your recommendation, within caption subdirectory , i  
> have :
> caption.sty
> caption2.sty
> caption3.sty
> ltcaption.sty
> subcaption.sty

I see now: these files all belong to one big package and caption.sty  
loads whatever it needs! This directory is meant for the caption  
package and does not collect all "caption styles." Alternatives to  
caption are obviously ccaption (I was using this quite often, I  
remember) and mcaption, both documented. (texdoc -s <thing> lets  
texdoc search in the documentation for <thing>.)

I think after some hours of sleep I'll be online again...

Mit friedvollen Grüßen


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