[OS X TeX] amsmath and txfonts in Mactex 2009

Raphael Attie raphael.attie at mac.com
Thu Nov 12 07:46:00 EST 2009

I apologize for the inconvenience but I'm not sure what you meant by  
"usurping previous thread", could you be more specific ? In mail  
(v3.6), I only have "Reply" or "Reply all" or "Forward". I don't have  
anything else.
When posting a new thread, I simply clicked "To" with [Os X Tex] 
+my_subject as the subject header.
Or are you refering to the fact that all previous messages are in my  
replies ? this of course I can change it.

> Could you please learn to start a new thread by not usurping the  
> previous thread? In Mail you can click on the To or Reply-To header  
> to start a new thread...

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