[OS X TeX] novice problems with texlive 2009

Aryeh Weiss aryeh at cc.huji.ac.il
Fri Nov 13 03:11:08 EST 2009

Thank you to all who replied to my inquiry (which is attached below).

The consensus is that I should have installed using MacTEX and not 
install-tl. So now my question is how to fix this.

Should I just install with MacTEX over my current installation?
Or, is there a simple set of steps I can take to set up the correct 
links and env variables (and make those env variables permanent)?

Thanks again to the quick replies.


Aryeh Weiss wrote:
> I just downloaded and installed tl2009, using the install in its wizard 
> mode. The installation proceeded smoothly, and the new distribution 
> appears to reside in /usr/local/texlive/2009.
> How to I get TexShop to use the new distribution? I went to the aystem 
> preferences app, and found the option to select Tex distribution. 
> However, all that appears there are Fink-teTex and TeXLive-2008, so I 
> dont know how to select TeXLive-2009.
> My system is OSX 10.5.8
> Thanks in advance,
> --aryeh

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