[OS X TeX] LuaLaTeX and fonts search paths

Simon Spiegel simon at simifilm.ch
Mon Nov 16 12:30:53 EST 2009


I'm not really sure if this belongs here, but we'll see ...

I've been playing around with LuaLaTeX a bit and tried to use OpenType fonts as Arthur Reutenauer has described it in his recent TUGboat article. I had quite some problems making it run, since lualatex wouldn't find the font files. It took me quite a while until I realized where the problem was: lualatex was looking for the font files in the texmf tree like regular latex and not in the normal font locations of OSX. Having used XeLaTeX and OpenType fonts in the past it didn't occur to me that lualatex would search somewhere else. Once I copied the respective .otf files into ~/Library/texmf/fonts/opentype, everything worked fine.

Now I realize that not many people will use lualatex at the moment, but I think it would still be sensible to think about this issue already. Does it really make sense to have two copies of the same font in two different locations? Or wouldn't it be much better if lualatex – like xetex – looked in the 'regular places' for fonts? And who should implement this? Is this something to bring before the LuaTeX people or is this done by the TeXLive/MacTeX team?


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