[OS X TeX] Interrupting and resuming an array environment

Scott, Randy Scott_Randy at sccollege.edu
Fri Nov 20 10:30:18 EST 2009


I'm using the array environment to create a list of equations, and I'd like to insert some explanatory text between some of these.  I'd like the explanations to align at the left margin with the body text, and I'd like the equations to all be aligned at their equals sign.

I've tried multirow in the array, but the text aligns with the left edge of the table, not with the body text. I've also tried begin . . . end the array to write the explanations, but then the equations from one set of begin . . . end to the next begin . . . end do not align.

If any of you have a suggestion that may help me achieve my goal, I'd appreciate your help.

Thanks very much,

Randy Scott
Santiago Canyon College
Orange, CA

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