[OS X TeX] Setting Keyboard Shortcuts in TeXShop

Chris Goedde cgg.lists at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 11:59:08 EST 2009

On Nov 20, 2009, at 10:19 AM, Alain Schremmer wrote:

> On Mar 24, 2008, at 11:35 AM, Chris Goedde wrote:
>> A while back there was a request that the keyboard shortcut cmd-I  
>> should be the "emphasize" command in TeXShop rather than the  
>> "Italic" command. I just upgraded to Leopard and the latest  
>> TeXShop, and this can easily be done using the keyboard preference  
>> pane in System preferences. You just need to set "Italic" to  
>> something other than cmd-I, then you can set emphasize to cmd-I.
>> If you've never done this, then do the following:
>> (1) Quit TeXShop.
>> (2) Open System Preferences.
>> (3) Select Keyboard and Mouse and then the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
>> (4) Hit '+'.
>> (5) Choose TeXShop from the list of Apps. If it doesn't appear on  
>> the list, choose "Other" and go find TeXShop.
>> (6) Set Italic to something other than cmd-I; I used cmd-shift-I.  
>> (Just type Italic in the first text box, and cmd-I (using the  
>> actual command key) in the second.
>> (7) Set emphasize to cmd-I.
>> (8) Close System Preferences and open TeXShop.
> I am using TeXShop Version 2.18-svn (2.18) under 10.4.11
> Goedde's instructions worked great---even though cmd-shift-I is  
> already being used for MakeIndex so that that is what cmd-shift-I   
> triggers but, since I never use Italic for the Source and, I don't  
> care and just do MakeIndex from the menu---once in a long while.
> But when just now I tried to do the same for Bold, it didn't work.
> 	In step(6), I redefined the keyboard shortcut for Bold as cmd-shift- 
> B and that shows in Source > Font
> 	In step (7), though, nothing that I tried in place of "emphasize"  
> worked---but then I don't have much imagination as far as that sort  
> of things goes.

Go to the "Macros" menu item, then "Text Styles", and that's where  
you'll see "emphasize" with its cmd-I shortcut. The trick above is  
binding cmd-I to that macro. If you want to bind cmd-B to something,  
it already needs to exist somewhere in TeXShop's menus. If what you  
want to do is something simple like insert \textbf{} or something,  
then you can go into the macro editor, duplicate the existing  
"emphasize" item, rename it to whatever you like, and change it so  
that it inserts whatever TeX command you're trying to insert.

Does that make sense?

Chris Goedde

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