[OS X TeX] TeX graphics program on Mac

Per Ting perting at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 16:33:45 EST 2009

Hello all,

I am a recent immigrant to Mac and MacTeX with previous relatively extensive
experience on PC (Miktex+Winedt). For graphics I used .eps format with
psfrag and occasional usage of PSTricks. I usually used tpx as a front end
for PSTricks code generation. Occasionally I used jpicedt to do this. Now I
need your hep with the following:

1-What is the program of choice to generate PSTricks code under Mac. I know
that tpx does not work on Mac. Is there something similar (or better!) for
Mac with a friendly GUI and PSTricks output?

2-I know that most people using TeXshop, use Pdflatex to produce the pdf
file and I am aware of the dvi+dvips+gs option with Texshop. I was wondering
if there exists a smart direct way to use pdflatex on a source file with
.eps, psfrag and PSTricks? I have previouslu used auto-pst-pdf but it tends
to regenerate all the numerous pdf files for each graphic in each run even
when they have not changed, making the process slow on big files. There is
another option that I think is called epstool that does not have this
problem but it does not support PSTricks. (I realize that this second
question is not specifically a MacTeX question!)

Thanks for your help

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