[OS X TeX] Selecting Textual Part of a Line wo Carriage Return

Claus Gerhardt gerhardt at math.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Aug 3 20:16:23 EDT 2010


Use the script below as a Macro to paste the clipboard. It will remove the last character, i.e. the carriage return will be removed.


-- Applescript direct

tell application "TeXShop"
	get the clipboard
	set theText to result
	set n to (number of characters of theText)
	set theText1 to (characters 1 thru (n - 1) of theText) as string
	set the clipboard to theText1
	tell application "System Events"
		tell process "TeXShop"
			keystroke "v" using command down
			--keystroke (ASCII character 127)
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

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