Finding the Wiki (was: Re: [OS X TeX] Tex to rtf converter)

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at
Fri Aug 6 08:48:54 EDT 2010

On Aug 5, 2010, at 5:50 PM, Alan T Litchfield wrote:

> Unlike a mailing list that has as many contributors as posters, a  
> website (and a wiki) has a limited number of contributors. Both  
> exist and stay up to date for as long as those contributors are  
> willing and able to do so. A mailing list is likely to have a  
> longer life span simply because the pool of contributors is larger  
> and those cease to contribute are more likely to be replaced.
> The wiki is an excellent resource, as are the many other websites.  
> It is true that a lot that is still out there is no longer current  
> so please, keep up the good work. It all adds to what makes TeX a  
> such a great experience. I have delighted in reading (and keeping)  
> Adam's and others' posts in past. Of course we all lose patience  
> and need a change and we are are entitled to choose our destiny.

(1) Another difference: I learned mathematics in schools (one-way)  
but stone work by watching and talking with stone-masons (two-way). I  
learned LaTeX from Companion 2ed and from LateX-masons (all but one  
on this list.).

(2) I noticed two absences in the wiki: (Note the absence of any joke  

	(a)	sage on the mathematics helpers page.
	(b)	a page for pieces of code that do a specific thing. Below are  
examples of what I mean and which I would post on the wiki should it  
be appropriate.

Best regards

%\begin----------------------------INTER ITEM TEXT--Michel  
				{%begin definition
				         	\item #1
				}%end definition
%-----------------------------------------INTER ITEM  

%begin---------------------------MARGIN NOTES (Ask Nelly Practex 2005  
	{%begin definition
			\vskip-\baselineskip %raise the marginpar a bit
	}%end definition
	{%begin definition
	}%end definition

%begin----------------------------CHECKED BOX-- Ross  
			  \hbox{\dimen0=\ht0 \dimen2=\dp0\relax
			    \vrule height\dimen0 depth\dimen2 width .5pt%
			    \vrule height\dimen0 depth\dimen2 width .5pt%

%begin-----------------------------------PRINT TIME of RUN -- ???  
			%uses package calc


	{%begin definition
	}%end definition
%------------------------------------------PRINT TIME of  

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